World’s first blockchain-based
cryptographic exchange for digital content


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The Problem

Social media platforms control content delivery and take a huge cut from the advertising revenue

Most content creators don’t make enough money, limiting our selection of high quality content

Our Solution

REOS, a decentralized content platform that maximizes earning for content creators through the tokenization of digital content

REOS | Our Solution

How We Add Value to Digital Content


Everyone interacts over a piece of content by commenting and reviewing with content promoter kicking off the content validation process. Everyone benefits by receiving tokens if acting responsibly


Community-based content validation process + AI engine to determine value and projected sales


Content is securely issued, distributed, and traded as tokens. Revenue can be generated with license, pay-per-view, sponsorship and tipping. Majority of the revenue goes to the content creator. REOS charges a small transaction fee to support the platform and incentivize the content promoters


Introducing REOSchainTM

REOSchainTM, the main blockchain for the REOS community, is where all digital content contributed by content creators is registered, ensuring accurate attribution of ownership of digital assets

REOS Tokens
REOS Tokens

New possibilities for content monetization  without intermediaries. A standard ERC20 utility crypto-token issued by REOS Foundation, REOS reward valuable contributors in the REOS ecosystem including content creators, consumers, and promoters

REOS Wallet
REOS Wallet

Enables REOS users to create their own public/private-key-based accounts and perform various token transactions and smart contract related operations both within the REOS platform and on the Ethereum blockchain. Designed to provide users with ease of use while ensuring security and privacy

Content Validation
Content Validation

Content promoters curate content and run the content validation process. Users help validate content by voting and get rewarded with REOS tokens. Content promoters can be re-elected by users, ensuring a fair platform run entirely by its members

Developer Community

Open to other developers to build their own user-generated content DApps and make use of REOSchain, REOS Tokens, and the REOS Content Validation System

Tokenization of Digital Content

Patent Pending

Our patent-pending technology to tokenize any digital content to allow the content to be traded like a cryptocurrency without middlemen. This both maximizes earnings for content creators and ensures the protection of content. For example, a user can purchase a song with REOS tokens as if he were purchasing a BITCOIN.

Why Blockchain Technology?


The Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) algorithm allows REOS ecosystem members to control the system, as opposed to being centrally managed by a corporation

Fair Compensation

Results of the content validation process and all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring truthfulness and transparency


All members have a much higher level of control over the privacy of their information

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Read our whitepaper for all the details:

Our Team

Leon Bian
REOS Project Lead
Leon Bian

15+ years of leadership experience across industries in mobile, security, blockchain, enterprise IT solutions, cloud services, and software; constantly bridging businesses across the Pacific. Named among the Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts of 2014 by Today’s Wireless World. Most recently co-founder and CEO of a social media mobile app start-up. Holds a M.S. degree from MIT.

Larry Chen
Head of Engineering
Larry Chen

15+ years of technology management and entrepreneurial experience in mobile internet, digital content, artificial intelligence, blockchain and security. Previously China General Manager at Graphite Software and Commercialize TV as well as VP of Business Development at You On Demand Inc. Held key management and software architecture positions at Motorola. Holds a B.S. degree in computer science from Tsinghua University and a MBA from Kellogg.

Andre Rabold
Chief System Architect
Andre Rabold

Responsible for REOS’ platform architecture on blockchain, smart contracts, rewards layer, and content delivery services. Senior technology executive with 18+ years of experience in software architecture, product management, and lean development, with a strong focus on consumer multimedia software, AI, and blockchain technology. Co-founder and CTO of Stashimi.

Jack Rong
Chief Software Consultant
Jack Rong

An established expert in mobile technology, open source, and blockchain with 20+ years of experience in software development and architecture. Holder of multiple patents in software and security. Previously senior software engineer at Graphite Software, Irdeto, Alcatel, and Deltaware Systems Inc.

Eric Liang
System Engineering and Operations
Eric Liang

More than seven years of system engineering and operations experience in digital video. Expert in managing Chinese videos on various overseas video platforms, first-hand knowledge of video distribution, data analysis and content licensing. Amongst the first group of Bitcoin miners and enthusiastic in China, starting in 2011.


Ephraim Feih
Life Fellow, IEEE
Ephraim Feig, PhD

Chairman, Technical Committee on Services Computing, IEEE. Currently leads a blockchain research endeavor. Author of “A Framework for Blockchain-Based Applications. Formerly Chief Strategist and Associate CIO of the United States Social Security Administration. Sr. Director at Motorola, CTO & CMO of Kintera, and Manager of Signal Processing and Coding at IBM. Established expert in mobile technology, open source, and blockchain. Holder of multiple patents in software and security.

Karen New
Owner, Noox
Karen New

Author of New Assets and established expert in blockchain. CEO of Omnitoons Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based company, which produces enterprise-grade mobility solutions with key technology partners like VeriFone and Good Technologies. Cofounder of ComiAsia Pte, Ltd. and HtmLab.

Terence Ng
Director, Global Ecosystem and Cloud Services Lenovo
Terence Ng

Extensive experience across major MNCs in consumer electronics, IT and mobile, and highly conversant with hardware, OEM, internet and software services globally; spent 17 years at Sony, Hewlett Packard, Nokia and Lenovo. Led his team at Lenovo to significant partnership deals with major internet /software partners globally over the last 4 years including Google, Baidu, Amazon, and Dropbox. An avid angel investor in a number of promising start-ups.

Grant McCarthy
Partner, Asia Pacific Growth Management (APGM)
Grant McCarthy

Experienced Investor and advisor with a global vision in digital content, finance, strategy, and international business development. Angel investor of Commercialize TV, a global start-up focusing on exchanging short video content between China and the world. One of the early employees of in Asia Pacific, and experienced full growth cycle of the Internet during the new Millennium. Investor and advisor to a variety of start-ups, including an Hong Kong based blockchain company in the real estate industry.

Founder, InterVentures Asia, and Founder, ICORA Co Ltd
Paddy Tan

The ’go to guy’ with a no-nonsense approach for tech startups and ventures in Asia, with vast experience in identifying startups from an idea to mentoring, funding and acquisition stage, improving the probabilities by running on the ground engaging founders, partners and VCs to make the whole business plan work. Advisor to a number of successful blockchain companies including Storiqa and formerly the first vice president of Mobile Alliance Singapore.